Rental Policy


Revised June 2017

Purpose and Definitions:

The governing documents of the Grenelefe Association of Condominium Owners No. 1, Inc. allow for the leasing or renting of condominiums provided that prior approval is obtained by the Association. This policy shall be applicable to those owners who rent their units (or a portion thereof) for a period of thirty-two (32) or more consecutive days.  Owners who allow persons to rent, lease, or occupy an apartment for a period of thirty-one (31) or fewer consecutive days will not be subject to the provisions of this policy, and such persons will be considered as guests of the owner. 


Any owner or rental agent (acting on behalf of an owner) seeking to lease a unit for a Long-Term Rental must complete the Association’s “Background Consent Form” (attached) and submit same to the Association for completion of a background check, at the owner’s expense. An owner or agent wishing to order the background check himself must use a vendor approved by the Association and provide the results for review by the Association. An owner who wishes to use his own vendor must provide the vendor’s contact information for approval prior to ordering a background check. If approved, the vendor will be added to the list of approved vendors. The Association will grant or deny approval within 24 hours (exclusive of weekends and Association holidays) of receipt of such results. If no action is taken by the Association, approval will be assumed to be granted. The background check will then be returned to the owner or agent, and the Association will not share the results with potential renters or occupants. No owner or agent shall execute a lease with any proposed tenant or occupant or allow him/her to occupy a unit without prior written approval from the Association.

Background checks shall include, at a minimum: 1) U.S. Criminal Search  (If the criminal search returns any county results, then a report from that county must be included.), and 2) Sex Offender Search.

The criteria for denial of occupancy will be:  1) Conviction of a felony, and 2) Conviction of a misdemeanor for violence, burglary, destruction of property or a sexual offense.

For the purpose of this policy, a plea of nolle contendere will be considered the same as a conviction, except when prosecution is waived. The Association may, at its sole discretion, disregard convictions or nolle contendere pleas older than five years if the applicant’s record is clean since the last conviction or plea.

Owner responsibility:

The owner will ensure that any tenants and/or occupants comply with and abide by the terms of the Declarations of Condominium and the Association’s Bylaws and rules and regulations.  In the event of a violation of the Declaration(s), Bylaws or the rules and regulations of the Association, the unit owner shall be held wholly liable.

Approved Background Check Vendors

Paradigm International Enterprises, Inc.
Randy Knox

Accountability Partners
Julie Small

R Jordan Associates
Ralph Jordan

Search Criteria

1. Social Security Verification – Required
2. U. S. Criminal Records Search – Required
3. Sex Offender Records Search – Required
4. Global Security Watch List (Terrorist Search, OFAC) as need – Required
5. Eviction *
6. Credit *

*Not required by the Association, however, you may want to have these run for your own purposes.

Note: Costs vary  between vendors. Call for pricing. An owner who wishes to use his or her own vendor must provide the vendor’s contact information for approval prior to ordering a background check. If approved, the vendor will be added to the list of approved vendors.

Click here to download the “Authorization of Background Investigation” form.