What is an emergency and what do I do?

The Association office is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (863-422-0077). After hours, a recorded message will provide a phone number for A/C related and other emergencies.

The following are considered emergencies:

  1. Water leaking into your apartment from the apartment above. First, determine the severity of the leak.  If it is a wet spot on the ceiling, call the Association office to report this and leave a message (863-422-0077). If the water is pouring into your unit, first and most importantly, go upstairs and knock on the door. Find out from the tenant above you what they were using that caused the leak. Was it the tub, shower, dishwasher, washing machine or something else? Ask them to turn it off or stop running the water. If it was an appliance, was there water on the floor? (For roof leaks, see below.) The purpose of these questions is twofold. First, this may initially temporarily stop the problem, and secondly the information you supply to us may help us to more quickly permanently solve the problem. Then leave a message on the emergency voicemail (863-206-6600), providing as much information as possible. We will respond accordingly.
  2. Sewer back up. If raw sewage is coming into your unit (into bathtub or sink drains) leave a message on the emergency voice mail (863-206-6600) and we will respond accordingly.  
  3. Fire. Call 911 if it is an active fire. Assuming there were no injuries, and the fire is out, there are several considerations. Are the premises secured? Is the alarm, if applicable, still sounding? Was there any damage to the structural integrity of the premises? If any of these is in question, call our emergency line (863-206-6600) and leave a voicemail message and we will respond accordingly. Otherwise, leave a message on the Association’s main line (863-422-0077).
  4. Your house or apartment was broken into. First, do not enter the premises without the police. Call 911. Second, if the premises are not secured (i.e., broken locks, door, etc.), call the emergency line (863-206-6600) and leave a voicemail and we will respond accordingly.

These may or may not be emergencies depending on circumstances.

  1. The electricity is off. Common sense needs to be used. Is the electric off everywhere in the building, or just part of the building? If it is off in the whole building, is it also off in the surrounding buildings? Check the streetlights, and see if any lights are on outside of your building or through the windows next door. If the problem is more than your building, call Duke Energy at 800.228.8485. If it is just your unit, you need to first check your circuit breakers. If this does not resolve it call and leave a message on the emergency voicemail (863-206-6600) and we will respond accordingly.
  2. No air conditioning. Our on-call air conditioning technician takes calls until 8:30 p.m. Leave a message at 863-206-6600. Any calls not taken care of in the evening will be answered the following morning.
  3. No water. Just as with the electricity, some basic information is needed. Is the water completely off, or just one or two faucets? If there is no water at all, or very low water pressure everywhere, especially cold water, do your neighbors have the same problem?  If the answer is yes, there is most likely a systemic problem related to water service. This may be a break in a water main in the street, or other work being done by the water company. Call them at 407-572-2053.

The following issues are not considered emergencies:

  1. Locked out. If you are locked out of your unit after hours, you will need to call a locksmith. If you have somewhere to stay until the Association office opens and the Association has a key to your unit, you may check out the key. Be prepared to provide identification. If you are a guest or renter of an owner, the Association will have to reach the owner to obtain permission to check out the key.
  2. The roof is leaking. Yes we know that it is really an emergency, but we cannot get a roofer to come out to repair a roof at night in the rain. However, we do consider this a very high priority and want to know about it immediately. So please put a bucket or a trash can under the leak to avoid floor problems and additional water damage, and call our office (863-422-0077) to leave specific information. We will check out the roof for obvious damage and then schedule the roofer to come out and make the repairs. The more information you leave us (what room the leak was in, whether more than one leak, etc.) the easier it will be to find and repair quickly. Note: The roofers must have a non-rainy day to make the repairs.
  3. Extermination. Most of our units are exterminated regularly once per quarter. The chemicals have a 90-day residual. If you see any bugs that are alive but act as if they’ve been poisoned, the chemical is doing its job; no need to call. However, if you see active live bugs, call our main line (863-422-0077).
  4. Noisy neighbors. We suggest that you first talk to the neighbor. If this does not work, call the police. You have a right to quiet. In addition, you may also send us an email through this website with the particulars.